The Doctor is “IN”!! As of March 17th Dr Heithaus will do all Telehealth appointments using

Payments & Insurance

All patients are asked to provide a copy of their insurance. If you have new insurance information, then upload photos of the card front and back to the PATIENT PORTAL – using the Patient Portal Documents option.

Dr. Heithaus is in-network for Premera, Regence, Providence and LifeWise insurances.

Patients are responsible for copays, coinsurance or for maximum billable amount if you have an unmet deductible. Call your insurance provider to inquire about details of your coverage.

Billing Statements

Statements are sent via EMAIL the month following your visit. Balances are due within 30 days.

In-network and Self-Pay services are billed separately, so patients who have insurance and do Phone Consultations, or have incurred other office fees will receive two (2) separate billing statements.

Patients with an outstanding balance of 90 days will have their statement emailed and mailed with a “Final Reminder” for payment. If payment is not received within an additional 10 days, your account will be sent to a Collections. Requests for medication refills will not be honored until your balance is paid.

If you need assistance with paying your balance or need to set up a payment schedule please contact the Office Manager.

Checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $50.00 fee.

Pay Your Balance | Insurance:

  • Secure online payments can be made using PayPal
    Amount: USD
  • Alternative Payment Options:
    • Mail the top portion of your statement with a check or credit card information to our office

Pay Your Balance | Self-Pay & Phone

  • Secure online payments can be made 72 hours after your appointment date through the Patient Portal Pay My Bill option. !!! You must use CHROME as your browser when accessing the Patient Portal !!!
  • Alternative Payment Options:
    • Mail the top portion of your statement with a check or credit card information to our office
    • Secure online payments can be made using PayPal
      Amount: USD

Office Visit Fees

There will be an increase in Self Pay and Phone consultation fees starting January 1, 2020

For out-of-network Patients (Self-Pay) – New rates as of Jan 1 2020

  • New Patient – 90 minutes $350
  • Established patient – 60 minutes $250
  • Established patient – 30 minutes $175

For IN-NETWORK Patients (Premera, Regence, Providence, LifeWise) (pricing has not changed for 2020):

  • New Patient (90 minutes) $290
  • Established patient follow up – 60 minutes $257
  • Established patient follow up – 30 minutes $210

Phone Consultations

We do not bill phone consults to your insurance. Payment can be made by signing into the Patient Portal Pay My Bill !!! You must use Chrome browser when accessing the Patient Portal !!!

Phone consultations are available for established Patients only, and are billed as SELF PAY for all patients.

  • $75/10-15 minute medication check-in – New option! If you need to discuss changing dosage or new medications, a 21-30 minute consult is required
  • $140 / 21-30 minute medication review with discussion

Late Cancellations and Missed Appointments

A minimum of 24 hours is required to cancel or reschedule appointments that you are unable to keep.

Effective 1/1/2020 Missed Appointment/Late cancellation fees:

  • In office 30 minute visit – $150
  • In office 60 minute visit $200
  • Phone consultation 15 minute – $50
  • Phone consultation 20-30 minute – $120
  • New patient evaluation (90 minute) – $300

Missed appointment/phone or late cancellation fees will be charged to your accounts 48 hours after the scheduled visit/phone call. Payment can be made by following instructions under PAY BALANCE | SELF PAY

Miscellaneous Fees

  • $50 any medication Prior Authorizations that requires more than 15 minutes to complete
  • $75 for Accommodation Letters or other paperwork not completed during your scheduled office visit
  • $50 per medication that has Refill Requests submitted between visits

To avoid incurring these fees, please ensure that we have up-to-date Insurance information, that you bring necessary forms/paperwork to your scheduled office visit and you are aware of your medication plan before you leave the office.

ALL patients are required to have PHOTOS of their ID and current insurance card uploaded to the Patient Portal Patient Portal Documents option.