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New Patients

Step #1 – New Patient Inquiry

Step #2 – Patient Portal Registration & Intake Form

Register for our Patient Portal following instructions received in the email invitation. (Only Chrome browser can be used with the Patient Portal)

After successfully setting up your account download, complete, SAVE and then upload the New Patient Intake to the Patient Portal – “Patient Portal Documents”

Step #3 – Completed by Dr. Heithaus / Intake Review

Dr. Heithaus will review the completed Intake Form to determine if she is a good fit for you. Once the review is completed we’ll send an email instructing you to move to Step #4 or an email with a list of providers who may better suit your needs.

Step #4 – More Forms

Upload the completed Forms and Photos as listed below Using the Patient Portal – Patient Portal Documents option

  • Contact your Health Insurance to clarify any questions you have concerning coverage, deductibles and/or copays
  • Upload Photos of your Driver’s License, Insurance Card and Pharmacy Card, if applicable, to the “Patient Portal Documents”

Once the above forms and photos are uploaded, email us at so that we can schedule your first appointment.

What to Expect During Your 1st Visit

Parking: There is ample paid parking in front of the office and many nearby bus stops. Parking is congested during the lunch hours so allow yourself enough time to find a space and get to the office.

Office: You can access the 4th floor by elevator or stairs. Suite 408 is located in the SW corner of the building.

Upon entering the waiting area, Dr. Heithaus’ door is straight ahead and it may have a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign hanging on the doorknob. Gently knock on the door twice so that Dr. Heithaus knows you’ve arrived. She’ll come out to get you when she’s ready. 

The Initial evaluation is scheduled for 90 minutes. Please make sure you’re aware of prescribed medications and how many refills are being scheduled before you leave. You may also schedule your next follow up visit with Dr. Heithaus during this time, or contact the office or use the Patient Portal to request an appointment.

Step #5 – How to Schedule Follow Up Appointments

  1. Dr. Heithaus can schedule your next appointment during visit
  2. Patients can schedule using the Patient Portal:  Request appointments by going to the “Appointments” button. Add details about your appointment in the “Reason For Appointment Field” (examples: Phone consult, 30 min follow up, 60 Min follow up). You will receive an email alerting you that there’s a new message in the Patient Portal. To complete scheduling, login to the Patient Portal – APPOINTMENTS to “Confirm” or “Deny” the appointment
  3. Contact our office to schedule your appointment

Billing and Payment

Statements will be emailed to you 4-6 weeks after your visit. We do have two billing systems so if you are in-network and also have a Phone Consultation, that we do not bill to insurance, you will have two (2) statements with separate balances due.

Self Pay Patients can pay balance using Patient Portal – “Pay My Bill” within 72 business hours of their visit.

In-network Insurance Patients can pay balance using PAYPAL (link provided on right-side menu)

For more information go to Billing Statements and Paying your Balance .