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All About Appointments

Dr. Heithaus currently offers Teletherapy Appointments and Phone Consultations only.

10 minute appointments (Phone or Teletherapy)

For patients who are happy with their existing medication(s) and dosage(s), and have no new symptoms or medications to discuss.

30 minute appointments (Phone or Teletherapy)

For patients who need to discuss medication changes, dosage changes and/or new symptoms or problems. Or for when you just want to talk longer with Dr. Heithaus.

60 minute appointments (Teletherapy only)

For patients who are not stable on medication regime, or are in need of a full medication review. Patients are welcome to request a 60 minute appointment at any time.

90 minute appointments (Teletherapy only)

For new patient medical history intake, review and evaluation only.

Dr. Heithaus usually recommends what type of appointment you will need for your next follow up, but you are always welcome to request a longer appointment time than what she suggests. However, it is recommended you do not schedule less time than is suggested.

How to Schedule Appointments

You can schedule appointments a few different ways. Include any pertinent information such as if you prefer teletherapy or phone, how long and if you prefer a specific day or time of day.

The is closed all day Tuesdays, and only open until 11:30 AM on Mondays. And, if your account balance is past due 60 days, you will not be able to schedule any appointments until your balance is paid, or you’ve made payment arrangements.