Fees and Miscellaneous Charges

Appointment Fees

Fee changes to begin July 1, 2022 – Click here to read details

Teletherapy 10 minute (established pt only)$85.00
Teletherapy 30 minute$160.00
Teletherapy 50 minute$250.00
Teletherapy New Patient 90 min$375.00
Phone Consult 10 minute (established pt only)$85.00
Phone Consult 30 minute (established pt only)$160.00
Office 30 minute (currently not available)$175.00
Office 50 minute (currently not available)$250.00
Office New Patient 90 min (currently not available)$375.00
A 24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule any appointment.
Patients will be charged the full appointment fee for scheduled appointments that are missed (“no-show”), rescheduled or cancelled less than 24 hours.

Dr Heithaus allows a 7 minute grace period for late arrivals on 30 or 60 minute appointments,
although that time will be deducted from your actual appointment time. If arrival time is 8+ minutes you will need to reschedule your appointment and “No-Show” fee will be charged.
There is no late arrival grace time provided for 10 minute appointments.

If you are retired, a student or have financial limitations, please contact the office manager, Deb, to discuss adjusted fee rates.

Miscellaneous Charges

Missed or Late Cancellation of AppointmentSame as Appt Fee
Prior Authorizations taking longer than 15 minutes$50.00
Accommodations Letters or other paperwork not completed during an office visit, or requested outside of an office visit$75.00
Pattern of requesting non-stimulant refills between appointments (charge is per prescription)$50.00
Account balances past due 60 days (“Late Fee”)$50.00
Returned Check for insufficient funds$25.00
To ensure you do not incur miscellaneous fees make sure you know your medication schedule after each appointment, that your insurance information is updated using the Patient Portal and account balances are paid within 30 days.