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Payments & Insurance

Dr. Heithaus is in-network for Premera, Regence, Providence and LifeWise insurances.

Patients are responsible for providing their most current insurance on file. Photos of the Insurance card front and back can be uploaded to the PATIENT PORTAL under the “Documents” tab. Include Prescription Benefits card photos when applicable.

Patients are responsible for copays, coinsurance or for maximum billable amount if you have an unmet deductible. Call your insurance provider to inquire about details of your coverage and estimate out-of-pocket expenses.


If you can not pay your balance due within 30 days or need to discuss a payment plan please contact Deb Office Manager 206.428.2080.
  • New! All Patients must have a valid Credit Card kept on file. You can request your balance be paid using this card after each visit, or it will automatically be used to pay balances >60 days
  • Billing Statements are EMAIL the month following your visit
  • In-network (Insurance) and Self-Pay services are billed separately, so you may at times receive two (2) statements
  • Payment is due within 30 days
  • For balances 60 days past due:
    • Additional appointments will not be scheduled; if an appointment has already been scheduled it will be cancelled and you may reschedule upon payment
    • Medication Refill Requests will not be granted
    • The credit card on file will be used to pay your balance
  • New! Beginning Oct. 1 2020 – for balances >60+ days past due: a $50 LATE FEE will be charged if credit card on file is declined, or if a credit card has not been provided
  • For balances 90 days past due your account will be sent to Quick Collect, Inc., a collections agency, and you may potentially be discharged as a patient.

Mail Payments to: Dr. Angela Heithaus PO Box 17370 Seattle WA 98127

Checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $50.00 fee.

Self-Pay Balance Payments only

(Use CHROME browser only! And you must have registered for the Patient Portal to make payment)

Pay Your Balance – any patient

Patients may also send payments to PO Box 17370, Seattle WA 98127 or call the office with their credit card information.

Office Visit Fees

Self Pay Patients Appointment Fees
  • OFFICE VISIT New Patient – 90 minutes – $350
  • OFFICE VISIT follow up – 60 minutes – $250
  • OFFICE VISIT follow up – 30 minutes – $175
  • TELETHERAPY New Patient* – 90 minutes – $300 (*teletherapy visits for new patients are being offered only during the “Stay Home, Stay Health” ordered by Gov. Inslee)
  • TELETHERAPY follow up – 60 minutes – $200
  • TELETHERAPY follow up – 30 minutes – $140
IN-NETWORK Patients (Premera, Regence, Providence, LifeWise) Office Visits and Teletherapy Services are billed to Insurance at prices listed below. The Patient is responsible for any outstanding balance, copays or co-insurance due.
  • New Patient (90 minutes) – $290
  • Follow up – 60 minutes – $257
  • Follow up – 30 minutes – $210
Phone Consultations are billed to Patients, not insurance. You must be an established patient who has consistently maintained appointments for at least 1 year.
  • 20-30 minute – $140
  • 10-minute medication check-in – $75 (Do not schedule 10 min if you are requesting new medication(s) or changes in your medications including dosage changes)

Late Cancellations and Missed Appointments

A minimum of 24 hours is required to cancel or reschedule appointments that you are unable to keep. Missed Appointment/Late Cancellation fees are billed directly to the Patient and are not covered by insurance.

  • 10 minute Phone/Teletherapy appointment = $50
  • 30 minute Phone/Teletherapy appointment = $120
  • 60 min Teletherapy = $180
  • 30 minute Office appointment = $150
  • 60 minute Office appointment = $200
  • New Patient Office/Teletherapy appointment = $300

Miscellaneous Fees

  • $50 Medication Prior Authorization that requires > 15 min to complete
  • $75 Accommodation Letters or other paperwork not completed during your scheduled office visit
  • $50 per medication that has Refill Requests submitted between visits
  • (Effective 10/1/20) $50 Late Fee for any account not paid within 60 days – read more about this HERE

To avoid incurring these fees, please ensure that we have up-to-date Insurance information, that you bring necessary forms/paperwork to your scheduled office visit and you are aware of your medication plan before you leave the office.

ALL patients are required to have their current insurance card uploaded to the Patient Portal. Photos of the front and back of your insurance card can be uploaded under DOCUMENTS tab.