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Dr Heithaus is not contracted with any insurance; all services are billed directly to the patient.

We do like to have your current insurance information in case Prior Authorization is needed for prescribed medications. Photos of front and back of your insurance card can be uploaded to “DOCUMENTS” in the PATIENT PORTAL. Pleases include Drug Benefit card photos if applicable.

Prior Authorizations

At times you may be prescribed a medication that is not on your insurance’s Formulary (approved drug list). In these cases insurance requires a Prior Authorization (PA) for the prescription to be filled. The PA is initiated at the Pharmacy then sent to our office where it is completed and submitted to your insurance. Depending on the medication and insurance, the response to the PA can take less than 24 hours or up to five days.

Our office will email you once your insurance has approved or denied the Prior Authorization (PA). If PA is denied Dr Heithaus will prescribed a different medication, sending the new prescription(s) to the pharmacy. If PA approved you can contact your pharmacy to have the prescription filled.

There is 15 minutes allotted to complete and submit Prior Authorizations (PA). However, for patients whose PA that take longer than 15 minutes an additional $50 Service Fee will be charged.