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Miscellaneous Fees

All the fees listed below are billed directly to the patient. To avoid incurring these fees, please provide adequate time to change appointments, show up on time for appointments, ensure your insurance is up-to-date, bring necessary forms/paperwork to your scheduled appointments and/or you are aware of your medication schedule before you leave the office.

Late Cancellations and Missed Appointment Fees
  • Provide a minimum of 24 hour notice (email, phone call or text) to cancel or reschedule your appointment
  • Arriving 10+ minutes late for an Appointment will incur a “Missed Appointment” fee and the appointment will need to be rescheduled
  • Office/Telemedicine appointment can not be changed to Phone Consults on the same day as your appointment
Appointment TypeLate or Missed Appt Fee
10 Minute Phone/Teletherapy$50.00
30 Minute Phone/Teletherapy$120.00
60 Minute Teletherapy$180.00
30 Minute Office$150.00
60 Minute Office$200.00
New Patient Office/Teletherapy$300.00
Insurances do not cover late or missed appointment fees.

Miscellaneous Fees
Medication Prior Authorization taking > 15 minute$50.00
Accommodation Letters or other paperwork requested/ not completed during your scheduled appointment$75.00
Stimulant Medication renewal approved between appointments$50.00
Insufficient Funds (“returned check”)$25.00
Balance not paid within 60 days$50.00