New Patient Inquiry

Dr. Heithaus is accepting patients that have been previously evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD.

Please contact your last ADHD provider to have medical records released to our office.

New patient inquiries are processed every Friday (time permitting). Once processed, an email will be sent from with instructions on completing your registration. You will need to contact your previous provider to have your past ADHD medical history sent to our office via FAX 206.426.1686

If you do not hear from our office within 10 business days, please feel free to reach out to us again, or call | text 206.428.2080. If you’re looking for ADHD evaluation, check out Dr. Heithaus’ Provider Referrals List

After your 1st Appointment Dr. Heithaus may determine that her expertise is not sufficient to address your needs. At this point, we will contact you with a list of other providers as well as adjusting the cost of your visit to reflect a 60 minute Consultation.