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Patient Information

Becoming a New Patient and Scheduling Your 1st Appointment

! IMPORTANT: The Patient Portal is supported by Chrome, FireFox and Edge browsers only

To Begin:

  1. Submit New Patient Inquiry form
  2. Submit an Authorization to Release Medical Records to your current provider; have them fax records to us at 206.426.1686 (contact your provider to obtain a form).

Within 15 business days of receiving your Inquiry, you will receive an email with instructions on setting up your account on our PATIENT PORTAL. All paperwork can be completed from this Portal.

At times, Dr Heithaus’ schedule will not permit adding new Patients. If that is the case, you will receive an email with her referral recommendations

Dr Heithaus is conducting all sessions using Telemedicine, using HIPAA compliant online video. Starting February 2021 Dr Heithaus will not longer contracted with any insurance; all patients will be billed as Fee-for-Service (Self-Pay).

Having updated Insurance in your chart is VITAL!

Patients are responsible for providing our office with their most current insurance information. Proper billing of your appointment and medication Prior Authorizations all depend on up-to-date insurance information. Upload photos of your new insurance card to the Patient Portal – using the “Documents” option.

What to Expect During Your 1st Visit

The Initial Evaluation is scheduled for 90 minutes. At the end of your session note what medication(s) are prescribed and for how many months. This will help you determine when to schedule your next follow up session.

The second visit is scheduled as a 60 minute appointment. Once medication schedules are stable your appointments will be scheduled for 30 minutes. After a year of consistently seeing Dr Heithaus, and if no medication adjustments are required, there is an option for a 10 minute medication check-in as well.

You may schedule your follow up visit at this time, or contact to schedule.

How to Schedule Appointments

  1. During your appointment with Dr. Heithaus
  2. Log in to the Patient Portal to schedule ONLINE
  3. Contact our office, Deb will gladly assist you!

Billing and Payment

Office Policies