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Office Policies

Appointment No Show/Cancellation

Office/Teletherapy appointments can not be changed to phone consults on the same day as your appointment.

We respect your time, and we hope you’ll respect ours. If you are 10+ minutes late for your appointment a “No Show” will be charged, and your appointment will need to be reschedule .

A 24 hour notice by text, phone or email is respectfully required to cancel or reschedule appointments. Less than 24 hours notice will result in a late cancellation fee being charged to your account.

Details about No Show/Late Cancellation Fees

Medication Scheduling

When medications are first prescribed, or if there were changes to your medication(s), a follow up is usually scheduled within 4 to 8 weeks.

Patients on maintenance therapy will need follow up visits scheduled every 4 to 6 months depending on your medication plan. Make sure you know what your medication plan is so that you may schedule appointments accordingly.

If it has been more than 6 months since your last appointment a 40 minute office visit will be scheduled to ensure adequate time to discuss your concerns with Dr. Heithaus.


Use these guidelines to ensure you don’t run out of Medications between visits. Additional prescriptions will not be provided beyond what was scheduled during your last appointment. 
  • Know your prescription schedule. If you don’t know, ask Dr. Heithaus or email frontdesk@drheithaus.com after your appointment
  • Remember to discuss non-stimulant medications during your visits
  • Patients are responsible for scheduling their follow-up appointments before running out of medication
  • After your appointment, 3 months of prescriptions are sent to your pharmacy. Each additional month after the first three will be sent on that months dispense date.
    • Example: Appointment is on February 1 and you have 6 months of scheduled medications (Feb – June)
    • Stimulant prescriptions can be filled every 28 days, and are only sent electronically to pharmacies.
    • The first 3 months of prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy with dispense dates of Feb 1, March 1 and March 29
    • The pharmacy should automatically fill FEB 1 prescription
    • For March 1 and March 29 prescriptions, patients call their pharmacy and ask for the Prescription ON FILE be filled (have them check the date of each prescription in your profile to make sure they’re filling the correct prescription)
    • The final 3 months of your prescriptions will be sent on the “dispense date” (for this example those dates would be April 27, May 25 and June 22) and the pharmacy should automatically fill the prescription when it is received.
    • To inquire about if prescriptions are being filled, always contact the pharmacy first and make sure you ask them to check your profile for outstanding prescriptions
  • If you do not have a prescription ON FILE, then it’s probably time for your next appointment

=> Other helpful hints for Prescriptions:

  • Check with your insurance to see if home delivery and/or if 90 day prescriptions are allowed. If so, please let Dr Heithaus know during your appointment. This will save you making monthly trips to the pharmacy!
  • Kindly provide 3-5 business days before your next scheduled medication needs to be filled

How to determine when to schedule your next office visit

Stimulant prescriptions supply you medication for 30 days. The prescriptions themselves can be filled every 28 days (unless you’ve provider authorization for an early release). If your medication is scheduled for two (2) months schedule your follow-up within 54-56 days. If your medication is scheduled for three (3) months schedule your follow-up within 80-84 days.

Prescription Refills/Renewals

Due to strict Federal Guidelines for Class II drugs, Dr. Heithaus will not provide additional stimulant prescriptions beyond what was scheduled at your last appointment

Please contact your pharmacy to request medication refills all prescriptions. Our office will not process refill requests directly from Patients.

  • Non stimulant refill request between appointments will need to be approved by Dr, Heithaus based on circumstance, and you may incur a $50 per medication charge to renew the prescription for 30 days.
  • Allow 3 to 5 office days for all medication refill requests, although most refills will take less than 48 hours
  • Dr Heithaus does not provide maintenance/on-going prescriptions for Benzodiazepines class drugs (Xanax, lorazepam, clonazepam, diazepam) or Ambien. Patients should contact their Primary Care Provider for these prescriptions.

Emergencies, lost Prescriptions, etc…

If there should be an emergency where you require a refill of a non stimulant medication, have your pharmacy fax a Refill Request marked “URGENT” to 206.426.1686. 

If you’ve already picked up Schedule II medication, legally you cannot receive another prescription for 28 days. This includes if medication was left at home while you’re traveling, if the medication has been lost or spilled, etc. Stimulant refills cannot be approved for these situations.

Changing Pharmacies

If you would like an existing scheduled prescription sent to a different pharmacy, please notify our office at least 3 business days before the fill date with the new Pharmacy’s name, address and phone number.

Accommodation Letters / Forms

You may at times need a letter from your physician to support specific work or school accommodations, having a emotional support animal or for traveling. Dr. Heithaus will gladly complete forms during your regular follow up visit. Please allow 2 weeks for letters to be completed and returned to you.

Academic or Employee Accommodation forms need to be online fillable forms, or in PDF format. Forms can be sent via Fax 206.426.1686, frontdesk@drheithaus.com or uploaded to Documents using the Patient Portal. We do not accept any other file types.

Accommodation letters to verify use of stimulants for work place, emotional support animals, etc can be provided upon request. Please allow 2-3 weeks and with your request provide who the letter should be addressed, where letter can be sent upon completion and any other pertinent information that should be included.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Missed Appointment or Late Cancellation fees can be found HERE
  • $75 – Accommodation forms that are more than one page and/or not completed during a scheduled appointment
  • $50 – One page accommodation letters for Emotional Animal Support, etc
  • $50 for non stimulant drug refills if consistently requested between visits. The charge is for each drug refill requested.
  • $50 – Returned check for “insufficient funds”

Tips to avoid Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Keep your medical insurance information current (upload photos of your insurance card to the Patient Portal!)
  • Bring necessary forms/paperwork to appointments
  • Discuss non stimulant medications with Dr. Heithaus at every appointment
  • Know how many months your medications will be scheduled after each appointment


If you are not in town to pick up a scheduled prescription, but will run out of medication while gone, contact the office to request an “early release due to travel”. Most insurances will allow for your prescription to be filled a few days early. We kindly ask at least five (5) business days to complete this request, or can not guarantee your prescription will be ready as requested.

Phone Consultations

Established patients who have consistently kept appointments for 12+ moths can schedule phone consultations. Please note that Dr. Heithaus requires at least one telemedicine or office visits every year.

Post-Appointment Concerns/Questions

If you to clarify your current treatment plan or have additional question(s) concerning things discussed at your appointment, please contact the office to schedule a no-charge* 10 minute phone consultation. *If complex issues or medication changes/additions are provided during this time, you may be charged for a 20 minute appointment.

If you want to discuss changes/additions to your current medication schedule, new medications, issue(s) not discussed in the last appointment or have a complex question concerning your medication/care, then a 20 minute follow up appointment is required.

Authorization to Release Medical Records

Your full chart is now available to print or download via the Patient Portal. This includes any document uploaded, Consent Forms, Intake Forms and Encounter Notes.

If you do not see all dates for your Encounter Notes, please let us know so we can fix the issue.

Office Policy Review

Patient initials that they have read and understand Office Policies as posted on the website.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY