New Patients

Step #1 – New Patient Inquiry

Step #2 – Patient Portal Registration, Intake, Consent Forms, ID and Insurance

Register for our Patient Portal following emailed instructions. (Use only Chrome browser when accessing the Patient Portal)

  • Complete forms found in “ACTION REQUIRED” box:
    • Intake, GAD-7, PHQ-9, ADHD screening and Credit Card-On-File forms
    • E-sign consent forms
  • Upload to “DOCUMENTS“:
    • Medical Records from your most recent ADHD provider/therapist – a minimum of 6 months is requested
    • Photo of your Driver’s License
    • Photos of the front & back of your Insurance Card and Drug Benefit card if applicable
  • Once complete with the above email
  • Your First Appointment must be scheduled by contacting the office.

Once complete with the above email Deb will schedule your Initial Evaluation.

Having updated Insurance in your chart is VITAL!

Patients are responsible for providing our office with their most current insurance information. Proper billing of your appointment and medication Prior Authorizations all depend on up-to-date insurance information. Upload photos of your new insurance card to the Patient Portal – using the “Documents” option.

What to Expect During Your 1st Visit

Due to Governor Inlee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, Dr Heithaus is conducting all sessions using Telemedicine, or secure online video. Insurances are covering Telemedicine visits and we will bill in-network insurances for these appointments.

The Initial Evaluation is scheduled for 90 minutes. At the end of your session, please note what medication(s) are prescribed and for how many months. This will help you determine when to schedule your follow up session.

How to Schedule Follow Up Appointments

  1. With Dr. Heithaus during your session
  2. From the Patient Portal  “Request Appointment”
  3. Contact our office

Billing and Payment

Office Policies