Telemedicine How-Tos

Below are some tips so you can have a positive Telemedicine experience with Dr. Heithaus. If you have any questions prior to your Telemedicine appointment please contact Deb @ 206.428.2080

Location, Location, Location!

Whether you’re scheduled for a 10 minute medication check-in or a 90 minute evaluation, find a location that offers good internet connection and is quiet and comfortable with few distractions. The mobility that Telemedicine allows is both a blessing and a curse. It offers an opportunity to have appointments while sitting in a car awaiting to pick up your child from school, or while walking your dog. Keep in mind your location could be distracting not only to you but to Dr. Heithaus as well.

Boundaries – “welcome to my home”

Cleaning the room you’re in during your visit isn’t necessary, but if tidying the space around you will create less distraction during the call, then it’s a good idea. Also, you want to make sure your camera won’t catch someone walking down a hallway in partial undress, or coming out of the shower (yikes!). Speaking of half dressed, if this describes you while online, keep clothing on body parts seen on camera; the other areas can stay, well, unseen.

Eat, drink and be merry?

Should you eat, drink or enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine during your session? While it is definitely an option, would you do this during a face-to-face session? The answer to that question will provide your answer of what you should or shouldn’t do during a Telemedicine session.

Technology – a love/hate relationship

When technology is working, it’s grand; but when it isn’t, it is stressful. To avoid added stress, begin each Telemedicine visit 2-3 minutes earlier than scheduled. Once you log in to click the “Pre-call Test” button (blue button at the bottom left corner). If for any reason you lose connection with Dr. Heithaus, or one of you are having trouble with connection via, Dr Heithaus will call you at the number provided in your chart.